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LEED is going mainstream in Boston !

For this issue of our Econergetic Watch Newsletter, we would like to make three announcements. First, we would like to thank Martine Dion, director of sustainable design at Symmes Maini and McKee Associates (SMMA) Boston, for sharing with us her personal slides. After reporting the encouraging Green Building policy in New York City in our december 2006 issue, we're now seeing LEED as going mainstream in at least one City of this World : Boston.

Hey ... wake up ... what's your opinion about that ?

Because so many decision-makers on the Quebec field still question the applicability of LEED to the Quebec market, we're adding two videos to this. The first video is the keynote speech from David Suzuki underlying the urgency for change in this area. We're also adding a video presenting the first LEED Platinum building in Quebec. Second, we would like to share with you three important articles from top management and financial journals. Today, our most eminent editors of which the Harvard Business Review and the Dow Jones Publications are predicting nothing less than the collapse of the traditional construction industry in favor of the Green construction industry within less than a decade. They conclude that it's a sound time to act now. Finally, we're bringing on the table some recent articles mostly coming out of Europe. We're confident that you will enjoy this new issue ... and soon cry for more ...

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