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Our biweekly Econergetic Watch Newsletter service was placed on hold from December 11, 2005 till February 24, 2006 to leave you and us settle our plans for 2006. It is our pleasure to launch our new 2006 Econergetic Watch campaign without further delay. We would like to take this opportunity to make three important announcements. First, we would like to thank Kevin Hydes, President of the U.S. Green Building Council, for sharing with us his personal slides in this issue of our newsletter. You will enjoy. Second, we would like to thank the Société de Développement Économique (SDE) Ville-Marie for their recent support and the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montréal for promoting us as being one of their Top-20 Growing Startups for 2006. This surpasses our expectations. Third, despite the decrease in traffic due to our recent hold, we have reached our objective of more than 2,500 email subscribers and more than 2,500 online visitors in the very early days of 2006. Welcome to the new subscribers and thank you for the New Year present you have given us !

In the future, we will be combining all our news in one single issue of our newsletter. We are convinced that you will enjoy the format and the upcoming improvements coming shortly. We'll soon be making a community of more than 5,000 Green building enthusiasts altogether. As the past period has illustrated, our voice and future already matter in the City of Montréal. We would like to thank Marc Therrien (SAJE Montréal Métro), Silvina Asurmendi (YES Montréal) and Denis Karegeya (FMMJ) for helping with the preparation of our winning proposals. Let's all keep up and ABOVE !

The ABOVE Technologies, Inc. newsletter team.


MONTRÉAL February 24, 2006 ABOVE Technologies, Inc. is permanently tracking the energy and environment market worldwide. For this month, we wish to highlight the following econergetic websites :

the following selection of presentations :

the following selection of Quebec press articles :

the following selection of international press articles :

the following selection of web articles :

the following selection of IT developments :

and finally the following selection of events :


Many thanks to Natalia Abboud, Francois Meyer, Raymond Dallaire, Benoît Rigaud, George Visser and Thierry Omnès for their valuable input to this electronic newsletter, and Kristin Kreuk for her beautiful eyes. Our Econergetic Watch Newsletter is currently being distributed to over 2,500 e-mail subscribers and placed on our website where it is viewed by an equally high number of visitors. We would like to thank you for that success rate.


About ABOVE Technologies, Inc.

Incorporated as of June 23, 2005, ABOVE Technologies, Inc. offers integrated consulting services in environmental and energy-efficient design, also called econergetic design, to residential and commercial businesses on an international scale. These consulting services include:

  • Econergetic business planning
  • Econergetic programme design
  • Econergetic certification

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